Health, Fitness, Life Skills and Safety

eHow Get useful, step-by-step tips on just about everything at this comprehensive how-to-site. Whether it's dressing for a military wedding, introducing people. how to carve a turkey, or asking for a raise you will find the answer at this site.

Food and Nutrition Information Center, USDA Information and educational materials about food and human nutrition.

Game for Kids There are more than 250 games for PE or recess listed on this site.

Global Destinations Recipes and facts about the cuisine of 36 countries and regions. Information ranges from well-known dishes and tips for understanding menus to table manners, customs, hospitality and festivals. Grades 5 up.

National Institutes of Health Searchable information about NIH health and clinical issues, NIH funded grants and research projects, and a variety of research resources.

National Library of Medicine The world's largest medical library.

Physical Education Lesson Plans Physical Education Lesson Plans is a place for physical educators to share lesson plans. New lessons are often submitted.

Virtual Hospital This site is a continuously updated medical multimedia database that can be accessed 24 hours a day. This site will be of interest to students considering a career in medicine. Also, excellent for finding information on different diseases and their treatments.