March 9, 2010



Regular Meeting March 9, 2010




The regular meeting of the Board of Education of the Jackson County Intermediate School District was held on Tuesday, March 9, 2010, at the Kratz Education Center, 6700 Browns Lake Road, Jackson, Michigan.  David Salsbury, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.  Board members present were:  David Salsbury, Vice President; Shirley Larson, Secretary; Kevin Tuckey, Treasurer; and Douglas Schedeler, Trustee.  Board members absent: Robert Moles, President.


Meeting with the Board were Kevin Oxley, Superintendent; Richard Rendell, Director of Special Education; Gloria Smith, Director of Instruction; Catherine Brechtelsbauer, Human Resource Director and Legal Services; and Phyllis Stressman, Recording Secretary.




Cathy McQuillan, Mary Ann Schwartz, Gwen Reynolds, Roger Auwers, Molly Jagelka, Kortney Steward, Jordan Brown, Patty Horning, Shannon Degan, Randy Jarchow, Denny Vass




A motion was made by Mr. Schedeler to approve the minutes from the February 23, 2010, regular meeting. Mrs. Larson supported the motion, which carried by roll call vote:

            Ayes)  Mr. Salsbury, Mrs. Larson, Mr. Schedeler, Mr. Tuckey

            Nays)  None




Mr. Tuckey moved to accept the financial report ending February 28, 2010.  Mr. Schedeler offered a second and the motion carried:

            Ayes)  Mrs. Larson, Mr. Schedeler, Mr. Tuckey, Mr. Salsbury

            Nays)  None




The Career Center School Store recently earned a DECA Gold Certificate.


The Roadhouse, located on Lansing Avenue, recently held the 4th Annual Golumki Festival to benefit the Torrant Center; $1800 was raised and donated to Special Education.


The CFI basketball team won the game against Waldron Schools and now have a 2-0 record.  The next home game at the RAC at 10:30 a.m. is on March 23rd.


The literacy group at the ISD is organizing a Cooks for Books fund raiser, March 31st, 3 to 6 p.m., to benefit the Imagination Library.  Board members were invited to participate either as volunteer cooks or patrons of the event.


Career Center Principal Patty Horning introduced three seniors in the Cosmetology Program to talk about the first Hair and Fashion Show held at the Career Center recently; speaking were Molly Jagelka, Kortney Steward, and Jordan Brown. The event was a huge success, standing room only, and involved several different Career Center clusters and students.  Plans are already being formulated for next years show.


Mr. Oxley recognized Kevin Tuckey for having achieved the MASB Award of Distinction.  The actual presentation of the award will take place at the county school board association organizational meeting in September.




Mary Ann Schwartz, JIEA president, officially announced to the Board that the labor group had ratified the mediated contract on March 8, 2010.




Mr. Salsbury stated the report for ratifying the JIEA contract, Volume 30, Report No. 81, would be moved to follow the closed session on the agenda.  The closed session is being held for the purpose of collective bargaining strategy and clarification.




 Ms. Brechtelsbauer introduced and recommended the employment of Roger Auwers as finance director, effective April 1, 2010.  The separation of employment for Jeffrey Hinkle, Career Center assistant principal, due to retirement was also recommended for approval.  Mrs. Larson made the motion to approve the personnel report as given, with Mr. Tuckey supporting.  The motion carried by a roll call vote:

            Ayes)  Mr. Schedeler, Mr. Tuckey, Mr. Salsbury, Mrs. Larson

            Nays)  None


BUS BIDS Volume 30, Report No. 80


The Board received information at the February 23rd meeting concerning the request to purchase four busses for use in special education transportation.  Dr. Rendell proposed the Board authorize the purchase of the busses from Midwest Transit for a total price of $334,972, which was the low bid.  Mr. Tuckey had posed a question at the meeting for information regarding the new busses being green. 

Dr. Rendell indicated the busses are green, and can run using alternative bio-fuels, but that it has been the Districts experience that using these fuels does not generate the desired outcome or savings. The regular maintenance costs are increased by way of having to change the oil more frequently and it has not proven to be cost effective to use the alternative fuels.  The countywide RFP was again discussed with Dr. Rendell pointing out, if the District ultimately went with an outside vendor for transportation, it is in the Districts best interest to maintain the fleet in the event the arrangement did not work and District transportation services had to be resumed;  the bus fleet would be intact.  Mr. Salsbury made a point to stress the ISD is not the driving force behind the RFP, and Mrs. Larson wanted to make it clear the ISD should never be in the position to dictate.


Mr. Tuckey made the motion to approve the purchase of the four busses from Midwest Transit as proposed for a total cost of $334,972.  Mr. Schedeler seconded the motion, which carried to a roll call:

            Ayes)  Mr. Tuckey, Mr. Salsbury, Mrs. Larson, Mr. Schedeler

            Nays)  None




RESOLUTION FOR ENERGY MANAGEMENT             - Volume 30, Report No. 82


Communications and Operations Manager Tommy Cameron asked the Board to consider adopting a resolution proposed by Energy Education as part of the energy savings program kick-off.  The resolution confirms the Boards commitment to changing organizational behavior and the desire to save dollars on energy costs that can be used for education instead of processes.  A copy of the proposed resolution was provided and the Board will be asked to take action at the next meeting on March 23, 2010.


MAISA REGION 8   RESOLUTION Volume 30, Report No. 83


Mr. Oxley reminded the Board, Region 8 intermediate school districts superintendents had been meeting recently to discuss the possibilities of further collaborations between ISD districts.  A facilitated meeting has been planned for March 22nd with each ISDs leaders in the areas of curriculum, human resources, finance, and technology.  The participating districts are all asking their Boards to adopt the proposed resolution, which would really hold the administrations feet to the fire in continuing to look for efficiencies.  Mrs. Larson suggested changing the wording in the first paragraph to state instead, Whereas, the education of children and services to locals of Jackson County is our top priority, and  There were no objections to the suggested change, and the Board will be asked to adopt the resolution at the next regular meeting.




Mr. Oxley informed the Board, it was his intention to bring to the Board at the meeting on March 23rd an information item that clearly demonstrates the types of organizational changes being proposed in the 2010-11 budget planning process.  Included will be information related to specific layoffs being recommended, as well as plans to relocate areas within the KEC to accommodate growing departments.


Mr. Tuckey stated the JCASB Candidates Night is scheduled for 7 p.m., March 22nd, in the KEC professional development room.  There are 16 new board candidates being invited to attend.


Mr. Tuckey informed the Board that Clare Cummings, Citizen Patriot education reporter, is leaving. 


At 6:08 p.m. Mrs. Larson made the motion to enter into closed session for the purpose of collective bargaining, with Mr. Schedeler supporting. 

            Ayes)  Mr. Salsbury, Mrs. Larson, Mr. Schedeler, Mr. Tuckey

            Nays)  None


The closed session began 6:20 p.m.


CLOSED SESSION/Collective Bargaining


No vote or action was taken during the closed session, which reconvened to open meeting at 6:40 p.m.




Mr. Schedeler made the motion to approve the JIEA labor contract as presented.  Mrs. Larson seconded the motion and expressions of appreciation were offered by the Board for everyones hard work and diligence in reaching an agreement.  The JIEA contract ratified by a roll call vote:

            Ayes)  Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Schedeler, Mr. Tuckey, Mr. Salsbury

            Nays)  None




With no further business before the Board, Mr. Salsbury adjourned the March 9, 2010, regular meeting at 6:45 p.m.