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  • Academic Counseling: Counselors can recommend resources to improve academic performance that will lead to attaining goals. Counselors may meet with any student who is unsuccessful at the marking and grading periods to complete a Plan to Improve Grade form. This Plan may include specific and measurable goals that include, but are not limited to: using a planner, working in the Center for Student Success to gain extra support, explore a more appropriate class, etc.

  • Personal Counseling: Our counselors can help if you are having trouble with personal relationships and need someone to talk to. Counselors are available to help students with personal issues. Counselors can make referrals to agencies for issues that include: substance abuse, housing, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, South Central Michigan Works, anger management, and personal counseling.

  • Career Counseling: Counselors can help students choose an appropriate couse of study that will lead to a rewarding career. Counselors can help students to enroll in a class at the Jackson Area Career Center that is appropriate for the student based on interests and abilities. Counselors also assist with post-secondary career decision making which include college and financial aid. The Career Cruising assessment may be used as needed to assist with these issues.

Preparing for College

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Financial Aid

ACT Preparation

Which Career Pathway is best for me?

Key in jacc as your Username and cruising as your Password to access Matchmaker at Career Cruising

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The following assessments are available for free on line. If you plan to use any with your students, make sure you take the assessment yourself first to see if results are what you are seeking. Also, some require an email address to send back the results which make it difficult in some school settings.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter: http://www.advisorteam.com/

Take the questionnaire on-line and get your results immediately. Four basic temperament types are givenguardian, artisan, rational, and idealist. You can link to descriptions, learning styles, and careers that each type is suited for. The results are closely related to the Colors results. Students will have to give an email address and password. Be sure to click on the blue box on the right for the free assessment. The Advisor Team also sells other assessments.

Birkman Quiz: www.princetonreview.com/cte/quiz/career_quiz1.asp(note underline between career_quiz)

Take a 24-question quiz to help you determine fields, jobs, and organizations that are suited to your strengths and occupational preferences. This link will take you directly to the assessment. Students complete a career profile and can link to specific career descriptions written in a conversational tone.

HUMAN METRICS: http://humanmetrics.com/

According to the Jung-Myers-Briggs typology, all people can be classified using four criteria:

Extroversion-Introversion/Sensing-Intuition/ Thinking-Feeling/Judging-Perceiving

The results of this on-line assessment is similar to Colors and Keirsey and results are good for comparison

MAPP: http://www.assessment.com/

Choose Free MAPP Sample. Students do have to register and results are emailed back to the student. This tool assesses temperament for a job, worker traits, aptitude for a job, and top 10 vocational areas with links to specific 900 O*Net jobs.

CareerKey: www.ncsu.edu/careerkey

This assessment tool give results in the Holland CodeRealistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. You can then use the Job Finder from the Self-Directed Search to look up jobs that are a match or continue on-line. The direct link to the Career Key assessment is under Quick Links but other parts of the site are also good for career planning.

The Platinum Rule: http://www.mentoru.com/index_asmt.asp?id=13&acode=TPR

This FREE self-evaluation by Dr. Tony Alessandra will identify your dominant behavioral style and offer advice on jobs that these personality types usually gravitate toward. This is an 18-question quiz with results that will be emailed back to the student. There is a weekly email letter available free which talks about the 4 main personality styles in different settings.

Work Interest Quiz and Personality Test: http://www.myfuture.com/

Just check the box next to any of the activities that you like to do. Your answers are analyzed and fit into two of the six work groups (RIASEC). Gives top 2 results in Holland Code and specific jobs. Information gives both civilian andmilitary jobs. Job descriptions are given for military jobs only. *This site also gives some good tips on resume writing. #TOP

VISIT the Career Center


Its hard to really understand what our programs are all about unless youve SEEN the work environment and when you do, we know youll be impressed!  We have state-of-the-art equipment that mirrors whats going on today in business and industry.

            All 8th grade and 10th grade students view a DVD movie about life at the Career Center highlighting the important features of each of our programs.  It gives the viewer a taste of what we have to offer them in the future.           

            Back in 8th grade, each middle school student in Jackson County develops an educational development plan for their high school years and beyond called an EDP, where they can research different occupations they may have an interest in.  Next step, every 8th grade student in Jackson County visits the Career Center in February exploring four programs of their choice.  All 10th grade students visit two programs at JACC in December that fit their EDP plan.      

            Put this all together and you have a winning combination of a well-thought out Career Center class choice for your junior and senior years in high school.  It doesnt matter whether your plans for post-secondary include the military, college, employment or a trade school; coming to the Career Center is a good choice for everyone!

            Enrollment for a students junior year schedule is done with their local school districts counselor in the students sophomore year.

            Missed our scheduled visits for your class?  No problem, call JACC at 768-5200 and asked to speak to one of our counselors for an individual tour.


The Career Center hosts an annual Open House in March of each year. Please check the annual calendar for the exact date. The entire community is welcomed to attend the Open House. You will see students' work on display in each of our 28 programs. In many areas, students will be actively demonstrating their talents so visitors may view a project from start to finish.

Many local colleges, military recruiters, and employers will be on hand to set up displays and answer questions about post-secondary options. Representives form Adult Education will be available for parents and others who wish to updates their skills and continue their education.

We have a great turnout every year--come and join us!#top

JACC offers an ACT prep exam in February for juniors who have signed up for the April or June ACT test. Any Junior in Jackson county is eligible to attend. The test is given over a two day period, both morning and afternoon. Announcements will be made in local high schools and students will sign up with their local high school counselor.
JACC offers a Financial Aid workshop on a Saturday in February for JACC students and their parents. Parents may bring in their financial aid information and sit down with a college financial aid officer to fill out their FAFSA (Federal financial aid form). on the web. This is a great service for our parents and students because it enables families to file their information with the help of a professional who is able to answer their questions.The counselors at JACC work with their students on locating and filling out scholarships and filling out college applications. Beginning in the Fall of 2006, each student will submit an application to Jackson Community College ( another college of their choice) and post their resume' on Michigan Works as a requirement for our postsecondary NCA goal. We host college representatives and arrange for college visits for our students also. #TOP