State Required Information
Certain sections of Michigan law as well as the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) requires that public school districts and intermediate school districts throughout the state make certain general and financial information available to the public.  Some of the information required must be posted on each district's website, while some information simply needs to be made available to the public with the district's web site being an optional method to do so.
In this section of this web site, the Jackson County Intermediate School District will make information available to our community that is required by law and by MDE policy.  In addition, we will post any other information which we feel may be useful to the public.
Public Act 413 (Enrolled House Bill 5475), which was passed in 2004, amended the Revised School Code by adding section 620, which requires each intermediate school district (ISD) to include certain information on its website by December 31 of 2006 concerning the 2005-06 fiscal year.  The Jackson County Intermediate will actively gather this information following the 2005-2006 final accounting report and will post it prior to the state deadline, if possible.
If there is information that you would like to see posted on the JCISD's website, please contact:
Kim Medlock
Communications Coordinator
Jackson County ISD
6700 Browns Lake Rd.
Jackson, MI  49201
(517) 768-5216
Certain information which is recorded and kept by the Jackson County ISD is private and cannot be disseminated to the public to protect the rights of individuals.  The Michigan FOIA has over two dozen exemptions to releasing information, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (primarily student records) and, in certain occasions, things such as a students academic transcripts.
To learn more about the Federal Freedom of Information Act, go to:
To learn more about the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, go to: