How to Apply to be a Sub:
  1. Go to the website, www.subpass.com
  2. Click "Enroll Now", create a login or use an existing one. Click "Proceed as a Substitute", answer the questions, and read the requirements.
  3. Complete the Online Enrollment Application.
  4. Register for an Enrollment Meeting. You MUST BRING the following with you to the assigned Enrollment Meeting:
  • $10.00 Enrollment Fee for PESG Enrollment Processing (see below for PESG processing explanation).
    • Teacher Subs: If you plan to sub for Jackson Public Schools, Concord Schools, Springport Schools, Northwest Schools, Western Schools, Vandercook Lake Schools, Hanover-Horton Schools, daVinci Institute, Michigan Center, Napoleon, and/or Jackson County ISD, you MUST pay the $10.00 processing fee.
    • Non-Certified Subs (Custodial, Teacher Assistant, etc.): If you plan to sub for Jackson Public Schools, Jackson County ISD, Northwest Schools, and/or Western Schools, you MUST pay the $10.00 processing fee.
  • $54.00 CASH ONLY Fee for the LiveScan Criminal Record Check (Fingerprints). If you can't complete the fingerprints on the day of your assigned Enrollment Meeting, call the Jackson County ISD (517-768-5209) to make an appointment to complete the fingerprint process on a day different than  your Enrollment Meeting date. A Drivers License/State Identification is required for the fingerprints.
    • The State of Michigan requires that all Substitutes have LiveScan fingerprints dated after January 1, 2006 and must be continuously employed by an educational institution. By signing a release from, these prints can generally be transferred from School District/Corporation to School District/Corporation. However, if you had prints done for a District/Corporation, but have not worked in a School District/Corporation in the past school year, new prints are required!
  • 2 Appropriate Forms of ID:
    • Valid U.S. Passport, OR
    • Valid Drivers License/State Identification & Social Security Card (Need both forms of ID), OR
    • Valid Drivers License/State Identification & Birth Certificate (Need both forms of ID)
  • Education Documents must be provided for any substitute that wants to Teacher Sub Below are the types and requirements for Educational Documents that can be provided:
    • Official Transcripts with College/University Seal, reflecting 90 semester credit hours from a 4-year accredited College/University: a substitute permit ($45.00 fee) will be submitted for you through the State of Michigan with this type of Educational Document, OR
    • Valid Michigan Teaching Certification, OR
    • Expired Teacher Certification or out of State Certification: a substitute permit ($45.00 fee) will be submitted for you through the State of Michigan with this type of Educational Document.
  • The print out of your completed GCN Modules

Enrollment Meetings are held at the Jackson County Intermediate School District:
    • 6700 Browns Lake Road, Jackson, MI 49201, Parking Lot B
The Second Day Tour for Special Education Substitutes are held at the Lyle Torrant Center (This is a required Tour for any substitute that wants to sub for the Jackson County ISD's Special Education Departments. Tours are held the day after your assigned Enrollment Meeting at 9:30am):
    • 1175 W. Parnall Road, Jackson, MI 49201, Main Office
If you are going to sub at Columbia Schools, East Jackson Schools and Grass Lake Schools you must complete the above steps on how to be a subsitute, in addition to going to www.pcmiservices.com and completing those additional required steps. If you don't complete the PCMI paperwork along with the above substitute steps, you will not fully be eligible to substitute for Columbia, East Jackson or Grass Lake Schools.