Technology for  Today's Education

The Technology Department of the JCISD is here to help with the technology needs of the local school districts we service, providing the technology expertise, hardware, software, and training to help educators and students.  We do this in various ways, including:
-- providing internet connections for all school districts through servers located here at the JCISD
-- making equipment and media available to "check out" by educators
-- providing low-cost, federally-subsidized "E-rates" for technology and other educational equipment and supplies
-- providing access to the latest technology instruction for educators.
The JCISD meets with technology directors from all districts on a monthly basis. For more information on how the ISD's Technology Dept. can help you, contact Superintendent Kevin Oxley at 517-768-5141 or email at
Are you an educator looking for help using technology more effectively in your classroom or at your school?  Find out the latest courses being offered at the ISD, web sites that offer helpful and informative ideas, and learn about other tools and tips to make technology work for you! Click here.
Help (Service) Desk
The JCISD Technology Department offers employees Help Desk servicesAn employee may initiate a service request by calling 768-5299 and speaking with a service desk representative. 
MSDS Reporting is state-mandated, with electronic auditing facilitated by the JCISD for local school districts and charter schools we serve.  There are many new components to State Reporting, if you have questions please contact Kathy Ott at 768-5147.