ACT Assessments
The ACT Assessments suite includes: ACT Aspire, ACT, & ACT Compass. Each test is aligned to the College Readiness Standards which overlap in areas with adopted State of Michigan Standards. The purpose of these assessments is to know at what levels students are performing in Math, Reading, Writing and Science. ACT Aspire  and ACT also help to predict if students have the skills to be successful in college level courses and on their progress toward ACT National Career Readiness Certificate. 
Act Aspire 
 ACT Aspire is an assessment that may be taken in any grade 3 - 12. It has replaced the Explore and PLAN assessments. Results are reported on a 3-digit scale. There are 3 assessment options with the ACT Aspire suite: Summative, Interim, and Classroom Assessments.
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The ACT is commonly administered at the 11th grade and is a component of the Michigan Merit Exam. You may find sample tests and administration manuals below. 
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ACT Compass
The ACT Compass assessment is commonly used for college course placement at institutions of higher education.
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                2014-15 EPAS District Reimbursement Form