Currently, all students in the State of Michigan in grades 3-8 take the MEAP (Michigan Educational Assessment Program) or MI-Access (Michigan Alternate Assessment Program). MEAP assessments are currently based upon Grade Level Content Expectations in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science  For more information go to and click on either MEAP or MI-Access. 
In High School, 11th grade students in the State of Michigan are required to take the Michigan Merit Exam (MME) assessment containing three components:  ACT®, WorkKeys® and Michigan Augmented Tests.  The assessment is based on the Michigan Merit Curriculum.    For more information regarding the MME and Michigan Merit Curriculum go to
In addition to the summative, state mandated assessment, our JCISD has created in collaboration in our local schools 2nd - 8th grade Math and ELA Common Assessments (also known as County-Wide Common Assessment).  The State of Michigan has signed on to become a governing state with the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium.  We are currently in the transition period of applying the Common Core State Standards to local curriculum and preparing for the new assessments to replace the MEAP and the MME in the spring of 2015.  For more curriculum information, sample common core test release items and assessment transition plans please click here.
We at JCISD believe that a balanced assessment system is extremely important when looking at the success of students.  No one assessment, nor assessment type should be used as the entire measurement for student growth and proficiency.  In addition, the assessments are useless unless clear and effective processes are in place for utilizing the data.  Hence, we have created workshops, tools and resources that revolve around  successful practices for data and assessment. In an effort to communicate with local districts, and provide such support mentioned before, use the column on the left to connect to projects and resources.   

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School Improvement Data Consultant
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