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Welcome, Students
The Jackson County Intermediate School District numerous fun, exciting activities and workshops for you!  Learn more about these exciting programs here on our website by clicking on the following links:
The JCISD operates this 85-acre natural park on the shores of Crispell Lake.  It includes the Math and Science Center, an observatory with a cool high-powered, computerized telescope, nature trails (ants!!!). a lodge, cabins, picnic shelter, sandy beach and more!
Think it's too early to start planning a career?  Think again!  Our Career Prep activities, online interactive software, and counseling can help you get on the road to success!
Families and Children Together (FACT) backpacks are sent home each year to 12,000 Jackson County elementary students with conversation-provoking activities -- and don't forget to pass the popcorn when you watch the videos!
This JCISD's after school program for girls in grades 3-7 teaches healthy and nutritional habits along with personal/social development skills.  You'll be able to finish a 3.1-mile run -- and have a great time doing it -- before it's all done!
The Jackson Area Career Center is the place to be for the best in career and technical education!  Think it's easy?  Think again!!!  Our 32 programs will give you hands-on learning and a chance to get FREE college credit or professional certifications. (Your parents will think that's cool!).
The Jackson County Mathematics and Science Center is one of the best places to really learn about math and science.  They have real-world stuff, the latest equipment, and the coolest labs.  Check out the activities, opportunities and workshops waiting four you -- IF you're ever lucky enough to take a field trip!
Chances are, you've already been through one or more of our programs as we reach some 20,000 students each year.   Learn more about what the cool programs we can bring to your class!
The JCISD is a partner in this spring program that brings some of the area's best storytellers in front of thousands of elementary-aged children -- sparking their interest in reading!  There are plenty of opportunities for families to join in the fun!