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Some 5,000-plus Jackson County students are expected to watch Bully The Movie at The Michigan Theatre in February  as part of a countywide effort to address a key social issue that children and teenagers face every day. Organizers of the event are looking to estabilish a "Culture of Kindess" in Jackson County.
The documentary follows the families of five students who have been bullied by their peers, and those who have seen it say has an emotional impact on viewers.
"If you feel like you've already read quite a bit about the documentary "Bully," you have. But that still won't prepare you for the experience of seeing it."
 -- Los Angeles TIMES

BULLY takes a look at the harsh world ofbullied children through intimate scenes shot at home and at school. The film takes the cruelties of bullying and brings them into striking reality. Through the five powerful storys, the film looks to change the way we think and deal with bullying as children, parents, educators and a community as a whole.

Get prepared.
Parents and teachers alike are being told to prepare themselves and tBullyBoy heir students for the message. Several online resources are available to plan activities and conversations about the movie:
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BULLY the Movie is made possible thanks to The Michigan Theatre and other local sponsors.