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Jackson Area Career Center Scholarships 

Career Center current students only, can apply for scholarships listed in this section. Some scholarships have specific requirements.
American Legion Dept of MI - Wilson Scholarship http://www.michiganlegion.org/oratorical closed 1/13/14
American Legion Dept of MI - Brewer Scholarship http://www.michiganlegion.org/scholarships closed 1/13/14
American Legion Dept of MI - Oratorical Scholarship http://www.michiganlegion.org/oratorical closed 1/13/14
Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Foundation http://www.aagamf.org/application2012.pdf closed 3/1/14
ARMY JROTC - see JACC JROTC Instructors for specific scholarship information.
AWS National District Scholarship http://scholarship.aws.org/applications closed 3/1/14
Buick Achievers Scholarship http://www.buickachievers.com closed 2/28/14
CP Federal Credit Union Scholarship - Application available in the Tech Lab. closed 2/28/14
D. Fred & Marion L Bovie Technical Scholarship http://www.aws.org/w/a/foundation/national/index.html closed 2/15/14
Diggers & Jackson Men's Gardens Club & Dekalb Scholarships - see Ag/Science Instructors for specific scholarship information.
DSL.com - $2,000 Scholarship for High School Seniors attending college in the fall of 2014 - http://www.dsl.com/internet-scholarship.html closes 8/2014
Greater Michigan Construction Academy http://www.gmcacademy.org/registration/scholarship-information-2/ closed 4/12/14
Holly Riggs & Jared Zenz Scholarship - see Ag/Science Instructors for specific scholarship information.
IBEW - IBEW information and application closed 5/1/14
JACC/CCEA Scholarship - application available in the JACC Tech Lab, JACC/CCEA Check Sheet  Scholarship Application closed 4/15/14
Jackson Area Officials Association Scholarship http://jaoa.net , email to:mpapiersky@comcast.net for application. closed 4/6/4
Jackson Community Foundation Scholarships http://www.jacksoncf.org closed 3/1/14
Jackson Counseling Association  JCA Scholarship Form closed 4/15/14
Hobart Institute of Welding Technology Scholarships http://www.welding.org/g-13-scholarship-forms.aspx closes 4/1/14, 8/1/14
MEA Member Scholarship http://www.mea.org/awards/pdf/meascholarship.pdf closed 2/28/14
Michigan Association of School Personnel Administrators Minority Teacher Education Scholarship  scholarship application form  closed 5/1/14
Michigan Construction Teachers Association http://www.mcta1.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/2013-14-1-MCTA-scholarship-forms.pdf closed 3/21/14
Michigan Council of Women in Technology (MWT) Scholarship http://http://www.mcwt.org/Scholarships_196.html 
Myer & Franklin Charitable Trust Scholarship http://www.jacksoncf.org closed 2/28/14
NTHS Scholarship - see Mrs. Deanna Johnson for specific scholarship information. closed for 2014
Patrick J. Carney III Scholarship - see Precision Machining Instructor for specific scholarship information. closed for 2014
Sales and Marketing Scholarship - see Sales/Marketing Instructor for specific scholarship information. closed for 2014
Sara Jane Venable (SJV) Scholarship Award/Lansing Art http://www.lansingartgallery.org closed 3/1/14
Sentry Self-Storage -Application available in the Tech Lab.  sentry self storage application closed 3/25/14
Sigmund Scholarship for the Trades http://www.sigmundfoundation.org closed 4/15/14
Storage.Com Scholarship http://www.storage.com/scholarships $2500 scholarship, HS senior, current college students, closes 7/31/2014
Women's Club of Jackson Womens Club Scholarship Application
 Zach Pace Memorial - see Auto Tech Instructors for specific scholarship information. closed
If you have questions or need help, feel free to contact one of our Career Center staff listed below:
Sandy Dobbin (517) 990-6610
Deanna Johnson (517) 768-5162
Paula Freehling (517) 768-5168
Rita Phipps (517) 768-5169