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Jackson Area Career Center Scholarships 

Career Center current students only, can apply for scholarships listed in this section. Some scholarships have specific requirements.
Check back for the updates for 2014 2015 school year.  Updates will be added as they are received.
American Legion Dept of MI - Wilson Scholarship $500.00  http://www.michiganlegion.org/scholarships/wilson.html closes 1/12/15
American Legion Dept of MI - Brewer Scholarship $500.00  http://www.michiganlegion.org/scholarships/brewer.html closes 1/12/15
American Legion Dept of MI - Oratorical Scholarship $800.00 to $1,500.00  http://www.michiganlegion.org/oratorical/index.html closes 1/2/2015
Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Foundation http://roth1943a.wordpress.com/applications/ closes 3/1/15
ARMY JROTC - see JACC JROTC Instructors for specific scholarship information.
AWS National District Scholarship http://scholarship.aws.org/applications closed 3/1/14  Check back after 11/3/14 for 2015-2016
Baker College Career Scholarship $6,400  3.0 GPA required, Application available in Tech Lab closes May 1, 2015
Baker College Board of Regents Scholarship 3.5 GPA required with 19 ACT or higher required,  Application available in Tech Lab closes May 1, 2015
Baker College Alternative/Adult Education High School Scholarship must attend at least 1/2 time and maintain 2.5 GPA while attending Baker, Application available
      in the Tech Lab closes May 1, 2015 
Buick Achievers Scholarship http://www.buickachievers.com closed 2/28/14  Check Back January 2015
CP Federal Credit Union Scholarship - Application available in the Tech Lab early 2015 
D. Fred & Marion L Bovie Technical Scholarship for Welding Students,  District Scholarship http://www.aws.org/w/a/foundation/district_scholarships.html
     National Scholarships  http://www.aws.org/w/a/foundation/national/index.html all scholarship applications for the above welding scholarships closes April 1, 2015 
Diggers & Jackson Men's Gardens Club & Dekalb Scholarships - see Ag/Science Instructors for specific scholarship information.
Greater Michigan Construction Academy http://www.gmcacademy.org/registration/scholarship-information-2/ check back early 2015 for application - closes April, 2015
Holly Riggs & Jared Zenz Scholarship - Agriscience students only,  contact Elizabeth Tomac; elizabeth.tomac@jcisd.org or Jason Gehrke; jason.gehrke@jcisd.org 517-768-5102
JACC/CCEA Scholarship - application available in the JACC Tech Lab, JACC/CCEA Check Sheet  Scholarship Application 
Jackson Area Officials Association Scholarship two $500.00 scholarships awarded each year http://jaoa.net ,  call (517) 416-6684 for information
Jackson Community Foundation Scholarships http://www.jacksoncf.org  applicants can begin applying on line 11/15/14 - closes 3/2/15
Jackson Counseling Association  JCA Scholarship Form 
Hobart Institute of Welding Technology Scholarships http://www.welding.org/g-13-scholarship-forms.aspx check back after 11/3/2014 for 2015-2016 scholarship
Michael  Furtwangler Scholarship, contact Conan Furtwangler at conan.furtwangler@jcisd.org or 517-768-5103 application closes 5/2015
Michigan Association of School Personnel Administrators Minority Teacher Education Scholarship  scholarship application form  closes 5/1/15
Michigan Construction Teachers Association  check back early 2015
Michigan Council of Women in Technology (MWT) Scholarship http://www.mcwt.org/Scholarships_196.html deadline 1/31/2015
Mid Michigan Credit Union Scholarship
Myer & Franklin Charitable Trust Scholarship http://www.jacksoncf.org 
NTHS Scholarship - see Mrs. Deanna Johnson for specific scholarship information.
Patrick J. Carney III Scholarship - see Precision Machining Instructor for specific scholarship information.
Sales and Marketing Scholarship - see Sales/Marketing Instructor for specific scholarship information.
Sara Jane Venable (SJV) Scholarship Award/Lansing Art http://www.lansingartgallery.org 
Sentry Self-Storage -Application available in the Tech Lab.  sentry self storage application 
Sigmund Scholarship for the Trades http://www.sigmundfoundation.org 
Storage.Com Scholarship http://www.storage.com/scholarships $2500 scholarship, HS senior, current college students and parents.
Women's Club of Jackson Womens Club Scholarship Application
 Zach Pace Memorial - Auto Tech students only,  contact Ryan Brelinski at ryan.brelinski@jcisd.org or 517-990-6605
Be sure to stop at the College and Career Access Center at the Jackson Crossing and also look in the Tech Lab for monthly scholarship information.
If you have questions or need help, feel free to contact one of our Career Center staff listed below:
Sandy Dobbin (517) 990-6610
Deanna Johnson (517) 768-5162
Paula Freehling (517) 768-5168
Robin Hammer (517) 768-5169