Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting
Fiscal Year 2014-15 Board Approved Budget
     - This budget was approved by the JCISD Board of Education at a Public 
Hearing on 
June 24, 2014.
              2014-15 JCISD Approved Budget
Fiscal Year 2013-14 Board Approved Budget
     - 2013-14 Board Amended Budget
               2013-14 Board Amended Budget
     - 2013-14 Board Approved Budget
               2013-14FY JCISD Approved Budget
     - 2014-15 Revenue and Expenditure Projection
               2014-15FY JCISD Initial Budget Projection
Personnel Expenditures
Current Operating Expenditures
Current Bargaining Agreements 

Long Term Debt 
A list of the District's debt service obligations detailed by project including anticipated payments for 2013-14 (due within one year) and a listing of total outstanding debt is provided in Note 9 found on page 48 of the 2012-13 Fiscal Year Audited Financial Statements (please see the following section entitled "Audited Financial Statements").  
Audited Financial Statements 
Note 9 found on page 48 of the 2012-13 Audited Financial Statements provides details of the district's long-term debt service obligations.
2012-13 Fiscal Year Audited Financial Statements 
Medical Benefit Plan Bids
 Required under Section 5 of the Public Employee Health Benefits Act, 2007 PA 106, MCL 124.75
Employee Compensation Information
District Paid Association Dues 
2012-13 District Paid Association Dues
District Paid Lobbying Costs