Alta Vista Internet search site with global connections

AnyWho This directory includes an advanced option listing everyone who lives on a given street, and "reverse lookups" to find who owns particular phone numbers.

Ask Jeeves Excellent site for students especially those looking for music and image sites.

Ask Jeeves for Kids Excellent for elementary students.

Excite Precision Search Search engine with news and business sources

Fast Search In addition to general keyword searches, you can also do MP3, FTP and Picture searches

Galaxy Internet first search engine

Google's SafeSearch Produces results that match all of your search terms, eliminating irrelevant results


Internet Address Finder Specializes in e-mail addresses and also allows you to "work backwards" from e-mail addresses to find their owners.

Northern Light Business search engine

Search Engine Indexes, Directories and Libraries Connects with and rates a variety of search engines.

SurfWax Targeted search engine

Switchboard A telephone directory of the United States searchable by name, address, city or state.

Webcrawler Combination of different search engines

Yahoo People Search Great place to look for someone's e-mail address or Web page.