Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)   


FamiliesThe purpose of the JCISD Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is to represent the views of parents with children in special education. The PAC provides input at the Intermediate School District (ISD) level. Input is focused on the ISD Plan for Special Education Services.

PAC Membership

Each local school district may nominate a member. These nominations go to the
ISD Board of Education. The Intermediate School District Board appoints members to
the Parent Advisory Committee based on nominations. The ISD Board of Education may
appoint additional members to make sure that the major impairment categories are represented.

Legal Basis

Michigan Special Education Rules state that each ISD must have a Parent Advisory Committee for special education planning (R340.1838). The rules also describe the membership and responsibilities of the committee.

PAC Responsibilities

The Parent Advisory Committee provides input in the development of the ISD Plan for Special Education Services. The ISD Plan describes how special education services will be delivered.

The ISD Plan is a very important document. It must be approved by the Michigan State Board of Education before the ISD can receive funds for special education. The Parent Advisory Committee may file formal objections to the Plan if members feel that the Plan violates provisions of special education law.

The Parent Handbook is now available in PDF format for downloading/printing. 
Note: You must have Acrobat 4.0 or higher in order to access a PDF document.

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Contact Information

If you want more information about the Parent Advisory Committee, please call 517-768-5256, or contact one of the following:

            Richard Rendell 
            Director of Special Education Services
            Phone: 768-5257 e-mail

 Crystal Cutler
 Supervisor of Special Education
 and Compliance Monitor 
 Phone: 768-5279 e-mail