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At the JCISD, delivering quality PD classes and workshops with the content you want and need is central to our mission. So we listen to what you tell us on surveys and in workshops and classes, and now offer more of what you asked for than ever before!

1. Easy Registration
Online software allows you to register and pay for any PD class 24/7/365. You'll know if you're registered for the class or on the waiting list, and we can email you quickly if a class is cancelled. All the information you need to know about classes or workshops will be available at the click of a button. You can even search for all available classes without logging-in, then log-in and sign up!
2. More Depth

You told us you want more in-depth classes offered during the summer, and less classes offered during testing periods (like Sept-Oct. for elementary and middle schools). So were offering more in-depth classes in the summer, and more time-sensitive classes from September to June keeping them as condensed as possible so you can have more time to work on classroom and other in-school activities.

3. PD at your Doorstep

You also told us that you want more workshops and building-wide PD held in your school building or district customized for your needs. We're bringing more PD right to the doorstep of many of our local schools -- customized philosophies, data-driven practices, and real-world training that districts want and need to improve their learning environment, score better on state tests, and deliver the education that our community demands!

Upcoming Professional Learning Opportunities!

Connected Educator UnConference
Saturday, April 18
Mark your calendars for this mashup of educational technology and conversation - this is an opportunity to get you moving with an innovative classroom! The Un/Conference will feature formal and informal active learning experiences alongside and led by innovative Michigan educators! Be sure to bring your own device. 
Curriculum Strategies Investigation (CSI) for CI Classrooms 
Tuesday, May 5 
This workshop will focus on topics important to being an effective classroom teacher working with students with cognitive impairments. Teachers will work in learning communities representing the grade levels they teach and will be introduced to activities and strategies that can directly impact their curriculum. 
JCISD District Improvement Facilitators Network  
Thursday, May 21 
This District Improvement Facilitators Network is part of the beginning of a year-long support process provided by JCISD in the District Improvement Cycle. This network will support efforts to keep the District Improvement Plan at the forefront as a living document. Participants will build and implement their District Improvement plans throughout the year.  
We hope you'll take a look at the JCISD's upcoming Professional Development opportunities! The curriculum consultants and coordinators at the JCISD are looking forward to working with you for the success of your students!