Mathematics Curriculum Support
New Common Core Individual Math Practice Posters for
Early Childhood and Elementary !!!

  • GLCE Across the Grades This document was designed to help teachers capture the long-range goals for students. This vertical alignment will allow teachers to not only meet their grade level expectations, but help students prepare for coming grade levels.
  • GLCE Companion Documents Found on the MCTM member page, these documents describe the depth of knowledge expected for students to achieve for each content expectation. There are also resources aligned to the curriculum.
  • Focal Points and Core Designations MEAP writers use these documents to determine the number of questions per test. For each grade level, writers create two questions per core designation and then choose 16-20 questions randomly from the extended core designations.
  • Michigan Mathematics Leadership Academy Assessments K-8 (MMLA) Assessment items aligned directly to the Grade Level Content Expectations. Use this site to search for items and build a test.
  • MEAP Released Items Released items from the Fall 2008 MEAP testing.

    • HSCE Companion Documents Links found on the left side of the webpage, take you to documents that describe the depth of knowledge intended in each content expectation along with resources for instruction.
    • Expectations for Success on the MME This document from MDE is meant to outline the expectations for all subjects areas that should be covered to be prepared for the MME. Expectations beyond those listed may be necessary to be prepared for the ACT. Reference the State Match Document below.
    • State Match Document This document highlights the areas of crossover between the ACT college readiness standards and the core areas of the High School Content Expectations.