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Providing girls with the tools for a positive future

Girl Quest is the JCISD's after school program that teaches healthy and nutritional habits along with personal/social development skills for girls in grades 3-7. The girls train with volunteer coaches/mentors to run a 3.1-mile (5-kilometer) run at the end of each semester.

Join us for the Girl/Boy Quest Run on May 21:
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gq photo 1Objective:Provide a safe, fun environment where third through seventh grade girls can explore and discover their uniqueness and strengths. Girl Quest curriculum is based on the fundamental belief it is important for the following to occur within the community:

  • Safe places are provided where youth can feel valued and affirmed.
  • Youth will have the ability to define who they are.
  • Adults interact with youth in meaningful ways.
  • All youth are valued and challenged to always do their best.

The Approach: Girl Quest, with a goal to reduce high-risk behaviors among girls, uses physical activity and training to nurture the development of girls in five areas of their lives: physical, relational, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Twice a week girls meet for 90 minutes with their coach who teaches and models healthy decision-making processes about important girl-type life issues.

gs shoeCommunity Supported and Community Delivered: Jackson Intermediate School District and Jackson United Way has partnered with more than 10 local agencies to provide the Girl Quest Program. Program coaches are women from the community who are committed to mentoring girls about issues related to girlhood.

gs shoeGender Specific Programming : Female responsive programming is crucial. Girls function through the relational imperative and need connections with appropriate adult women.

gs shoe Pre-Adolescence Focus: Between the ages of 8 and 13 years is a time when girls are beginning to deal with important physical and relationship issues. They still seek adult guidance while beginning to deal with their need to conform to cultural pressures. Girl Quest also provides girls with time to have fun. Girls enjoy age appropriate play while practicing skills essential for healthy lifestyle .