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Construction Trades: On Site

Building Houses, Building Lives
Site house
Welcome to the Career Center's On Site Program! 

My name is Jon Kopp and, along with my co-worker, Tim Ykimoff, I teach the on site program at the Career Center. In this program, students get real world experience in construction as we build a beautiful custom home together. Our houses are located in the Three Forty Farms subdivision off South Jackson Road in Jackson, Michigan. You'll learn more as you visit our class website, which is full of useful and exciting information, including:

  • Posting of past and current pictures of our projects
  • Listing of class policies and procedures
  • On-line access to the class curriculum
  • On-line access to all assignments and due dates
  • Links to grades
  • Links to construction pathways
  • Information about our project for prospective buyers

Mr. Kopp
Jon Kopp

Mr. Kopp has over 30 years in the construction trade, including over 20 at the Career Center as an instructor and assistant. He holds a bachelor's degree from EMU in vocational Education
(517) 784-9406 
Mr. Ykimoff
Mr. Ykimoff
Instructional Assistant 
(517) 768-9406

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