Michigan's New "Cut Scores"Cut Scor Viedo Picture
Parents, educators will see drop in student ratings, not scores
    Parents and educators across Michigan will see a significant drop in the number of students scoring "proficient" on statewide assessments this year due to changes in the"cut scores" recently approved by the State Board of Education. The drop is not due to students' scoring lower on the test, but rather, the line drawn where students are considered "advanced, proficient, partially proficient, or not proficient"  
   The Jackson County Intermediate School District and local school districts are working together to communicate and explain these changes to parents and the community.

     On this web site, you will find:

     -- A short video (7:55) explaining the recalibration of the cut scores (video courtesy Wayne RESA).
     -- 7 things every parent should know about the new cut scores
     -- An explanation (text) about the changes and what they mean to schools
     -- A table that shows how the new cut scores would have affected Jackson County's 2010-11 MEAP results
     -- FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Michigan's new cut scores

If you have any further questions about Michigan's new cut scores and what they mean to your student or your school, please contact Susan Townsend (susan.townsend@jcisd.org or 517-990-3612) at the JCISD, your district superintendent or your school principal.