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Animals, Plants and More!


The curriculum in this program offers a science-based foundation with practical hands-on application to acquire many basic skills associated with agriculture. It covers everything from landscape and plant identification to animal care and breeding. There is a balance of working outdoors and inside the classroom. Student leadership is developed through teamwork and FFA club activities, including awards and competitions.
First-year students learn about animals, natural resources, plant identification, soils, and other sciences. Second-year 
students enjoy the benefit of enhancing the skills learned and developing education in a more specific interest in either plant or animal science. 
Students studying plant science will raise production greenhouse plants for the spring plant sale and create dynamic floral pieces. They also can compete at the 
Michigan Floral Conference and receive a student certification.
Students studying Animal Science will learn to raise market-ready livestock. All students have the opportunity to raise 
and compete with livestock at MSU and Jackson County Fair competitions through this class.
The class may travel to local farms, businesses, and related industries. Veterinarians and agriculture industry professionals often speak in class to students about the jobs and college 
programs that are viable careers. Successful students are self-motivated, enjoy working outside, getting dirty, and like working with plants and animals. The class requires reading, math, and research skills, and is centered around FFA Club activities.
Success Indicators 
  • A desire to learn about and work with living things
  • Willingness to work outdoors in a variety of conditions
  • Effective communication skills, and a desire to strengthen and build upon leadership abilities
  • Ability to work well independently and as a team 
To learn more about our 9th & 10th grade after school Agriscience program, call 517-768-5102


Jason Gehrke
Mr. Gehrke holds a bachelors degree from MSU's Agriscience program and has professional, on-the-job experience in landscaping and crop cultivation.
(517) 768-5107
liz tomacLiz Tomac
Mrs. Tomac is an experienced teacher and FFA Advisor. She holds a bachelors degree in Agriscience (with a minor in Biology) and a master's degree in Agriculture Extension and Education, both from MSU.
(517) 768-5102

Free College Credit
Davenport University

Michigan Certified Florist

Michigan Certified Nursery/Landscaper

High School Credits
ELA 12: 
1/2 credit first year and 
1/2 credit second year 

Science (Biology)

Online Experience 

Visual, Performing, & Applied Arts