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Precision Machining/Computer Aided Machining
Precision Machining/CAM

 Design it ......Make it!

Machining StudentsManufacturing across the country is changing and the change is creating many high-paying opportunities for skilled individuals. Much of the current manufacturing workforce will be retiring soon creating openings in high-paying jobs from mechanical engineers to machine operators.  Area manufacturers often offer our top students college scholarships and/or free on-the-job training opportunities.


Students in the Precision Machining/Computer Aided Machining (CAM) program will learn to operate conventional mills, lathes, grinders, and drill presses. As students advance through the modules, they learn to program and operate Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) mills and lathes. Additionally, students will have an opportunity to use Edgecam software and create programs to run on the CNC machines.  


The Career Center has some of the most modern manufacturing equipment available in the area, including our state-of-the-art rapid prototyping machine that helps students see what their designs will look like before going into the production lab.


A typical day in the machining lab will involve both classroom time and lab time. Students will be responsible for handing in both bookwork and piecework assignments.


Successful students in this program have above average academic skills, good math skills, are comfortable with technology, pay attention to detail, are mechanically inclined, enjoy working with their hands, are good problems solvers, and are self-motivated.


Math is an important element of the program as students produce work that must meet precise measurements. 
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joe l Joe Lienhart
 Mr. Lienhart comes to us with 11 years of machining experience. 
 He attended Jackson Community College, has FANUC robotic training, 
 and is a certified CNC Operator, Welder, and Tool and Die Maker.
 (517) 768-5105

High School Credit
English Language Arts (ELA 12) - 1/2 credit
Math (4th/5th year)
Online Experience 
Visual, Performing, & Applied Arts
College Credit
Washtenaw Community College 
Area manufacturing businesses offer college tuition and scholarships for students in this class.